Comodo firewall--


I am a great fan of comodo firewall but was wondering if you could help me. I have attached a printscreen of my firewall but was wondering if I could find out this following destinations.


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There are many websites you can use to lookup IP information, like this one: IP Address Lookup

Thank you sir.

As a lazy student can I not quickly find out instead of typing one by one. I am tryin to improve my english :wink:

Unfortunately, unless you can copy the addresses from that window, you’re going to be typing them.

People have requested lookup functionality to be built into the firewall.

Will comodo built it ?

Anyways thanks for your help

I don’t know.

In version 6 you need killswitch for any reason to see active connections. My guess is, if you need to load it each time, you will retire from looking at it :wink:
Killswitch makes lookups for destination names if you allow it to connect to the dns at start.

There you have your feature.
I loaded, saw and blocked it.

Btw, are these connections from skype?

Try process hacker.It has a right click whois and traceroute function. :-TU