Comodo firewall

i am using latest avast version.

today i installed comodo firewall with default settings…

after installation, i restarted my computer and i opened user interface and i noticed that two options are not in default. why? please tell me…

see the screen shots…

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Saved settings from the last time? Did you re-install Comodo ever?

What options did you choose while installing CIS, because they were on by default for me.

it’s comodo default firewall rules.

The settings will depend on which components you chose to install. If you chose the full suite, including the AV, the ‘Internet Security Configuration’ is used. if you chose to install the suite without the AV, the ‘Firewall Security Configuration’ is used. You may switch between these configurations post installation. There is also a ‘Proactive Security Configuration’ that makes additional changes to Defense+ settings.

The first three images are from an installation with the AV. The next three images are without the AV and the last image is the differences when Proactive is chosen.

There are also differences in the Firewall Global rules - The last two images. With AV and Without, in that order.

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