Comodo Firewall

My backup AV, Immunet keeps detecting WHITE.CAV in Comodo Internet Security\Scanners as a threat and removed it.

My question is: Is this a false detect, or has the Firewall somehow been compromised by a legit threat?
If this is a part of the Firewall, I need to list it as a false positive detection.

I have noticed lately that my hard disk shows constant activity, and when I bring up Task Man, it shows that CFP.EXE is the most active task. Is this a new thing, it didn’t used to act like this.

Thanks, and I hope this is the right place to be posting this question.
If you need add’l info, pls email me.

PC info: XP-Pro, sp3, Comodo Firewall & Avast AV, with Immunet Protect.

Hi DanaJone1,

Please report the mentioned detection as false-positive to respective vendor.

Thanks and regards,

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. So this is a legit Comodo Firewall file.

What about the other activity I noticed, is this normal or not.

Dana J