Comodo Firewall

Could soebody help with my problem,regarding comodo Firewall,
I want to select "Block all Incoming Connections,and make my ports Stealth for everyone.
When I select this option ,a message pops up saying my choice has been configured,and press finish.
yet when I return It Has gone back to first choice of three choices,why does It change yet says It has been configured.can somebody advise me,what I am doing wrong? must add It says most users will find this setting most convenient.!


Welcome to the forum nodger10,

Sure :slight_smile:

It’s a Wizard and the radio button just starts there by default.

It is a tool to make changes to other settings, not the place to check settings.

Hope that clears it up for you.


Bad Frogger,If thats the case why cant I select what I want,I may not want the default setting,
I want the third setting which Is more secure stealth ,Invisible to anybody,why when I select radio button does It go back to default ,what settings do I have to change to select radio button 3 Invisible to everybody?


After you are done you are done.

You made a choice and it said it has been configured you are done.

The changes are made to your Global Firewall rules.

The Radio button tells you nothing, it is a tool not a settings window.