Hi I am new to forum running xp with service pack 3, recently insalled rising av then found commodo firewall. Because i liked the rising so far i kept it and installed the commodo firewall. So far so good then had email from commodo promoting products then the system froze so i installed the commodo registry cleaner. found 223 errors then removed them. then noticed the security centre saying no firewall but commodo is working when i right click on the commodo firewall icon it has a tick on disabled in the firewall and security levels can you tell me what is wrong so i can put it right. Would it be worth uninstalling and then reinstalling. I think also i shud have opted for the same firewall and av but its a shame cause i like the asthetics of the rising anti virus. :-[

Hi again soz folks i just changed the settings in the system tray it working fine now duhh. :slight_smile: does anyone else rate the free rising av is it as good as the commodo av i not brilliant with pc’s but i do know you only use one residant anti virus at a time.

AFAIK, Rising AV is pretty useless :wink:

Matt Rizos - who runs - was going to test it, but it failed miserably in his pre-test evaluation:…yikes…/

Overall, I wouldn’t bother with it.

Also, see here about some worrying information about the Head of Rising :o

Thanks for the info Beanie the problem is there’s that many forums that state this and that, it’s hard to tell which one is right and which wrong some people say this av is best and others say the opposite. I think I will remove it the rising that is. At the moment i have free super anti spyware and malwarebytes anti malware as scanners and commodo firewall with safe surf. what free security products would you recommend that i get the commodo internet security or the comodo anti virus or any other security products. Please don’t tell me because of rising that i need a complete windows reinstall thanks… :slight_smile:

SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes are the best of the freebies when it comes to detecting everything apart from the typical virus (which only really counts for about 10% of all the malware out there). Definitely keep SAS and MBAM!

Are you using the latest version of CIS? Check the About screen under Miscellaneous, it should say version 3.8.65951.477.

If this is the version you are running, you can uninstall SafeSurf, since it is no longer required. The protection offered by SafeSurf was integrated into CIS in the latest release.

I currently use Comodo AntiVirus, with Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware on-demand. I’ve had no problems with Comodo AntiVirus, but some people have reported numerous false positives and bugs. If this is the case for you, or you don’t want to use Comodo AntiVirus, your next best bet would be Avira Antivir Free (

Use that, and run regular scans with MBAM and SAS, combined with Defense+ (are you using it?) and you should stay malware free, providing you practice ‘safe surfing’ i.e. no p0rn, or cracks, warez etc :wink:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Beanie yes i am using the latest version of the cis firewall. So i think the comodo av is best or wouid it be better to install the comodo security suite? thanks for all your supplies… :slight_smile:

Hey mast157,

OK, so you can uninstall SafeSurf then, unless you have already :wink:

I would recommend you install Comodo AntiVirus, yes. Install the whole Security Suite :wink:

If, for whatever reason, you don’t get along with Comodo AntiVirus, uninstall/disable it, and use Avira Antivir Free instead (link is in my previous post).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Beanie thanks for the reply I am now using the comodo secuity suite with bo cleaner, earlier today I was downloading acrobat reader to view a user manual for my sons new ipod and disabled my firewall because it seemed like i was going to accept loads and loads of alerts from the firewall. But my comodo av said it had found a virus with the title heur. packed unknown and the installation did not go any further. I wondered if this was a genuine virus or a false positive I have never had a problem installing acrobat products before. Previously used to use avg but decided to change because its lack of ability to help when i had a few viruses it said it had removed them and it had not. Plus it did not detect a load of spyware that sas detected. This was all for downloading something p2p avg did alert me at the time but i was unsure whether to accept the item I thought it was something i had requested so it should be alright I had alread done tests by saving the files to a folder first and then scanning for viruses and spyware. I will be extremely cautious of using p2p sites again they say you learn something new every day where computers are concerned i agree. ???

There is currently a security vulnerability in Adobe - this is not a false positive.

See here:

Either use Adobe anyway, or preferably use an alternative like the free Foxit Reader, which is what I use. It’s lighter, smaller, looks pretty similar to Adobe, and does the same thing.

See here:

Yeah, AVG is pretty poor in terms of detection rate. It’s a wonder it’s still so popular…

Aslo, bear in mind that when the next big version of CIS is released (late March/early April), BOClean will no longer be needed for those running the whole Comodo Security Suite, because it will be integrated into Comodo AntiVirus ;D

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

HI Beanie thanks for all your replies, you have been very useful hopefully I will stay virus free. sometimes infection can be really craftilly hidden such as when my daughter was talking to a school friend on msn and clicked on a link to view a funny picture needless to say there was no picture just a load of malware, so I just reinstalled windows again. But this is such a nuissance I managed to remove the majority of it myself with sas and manually found the files hiding in different locations this was anti virus 2008 I did quite well but was not satisfied because there was some spyware that kept cloning itself and could not be removed. So decided to do a windows reinstall. Again thanks… :slight_smile: