comodo firewall

hey all, i am using cis and the firewall is really annoying when i download a program. it always pops up about twenty times during installation and asks if i want to allow every little thing it does during installation. it really gets annoying each time. i am not very computer savy so i dont know much about changing settings. is there a way i can change a setting so it will let the application install and i only have to click allow once? also does anyone remember if during cis installation if the option is there to just install the antivirus and not the firewall? thanks for any help

Place CIS into Installation mode prior to the installation of the new application.
Also (alternate method), when the first popup shows, select ‘treat as Instaler or Updater’, which will do the same thing for that program (you don’t need to have the selection remembered as this is only an installer).

hi john buchanan, thanks for the info. do you remeber if during the cis installation if there is the option to install just the antivirus and not the firewall?

Yes there is. There is a window that gives you the option to install only the AV, only the Firewall, or (default) the complete CIS package.

oky doky. thanks for the info john buchanan and have a super day

Happy to have helped.