The Comodo Firewall installation reminder pops up much too often and is very annoying. Can anything be done about this?

You mean the alert telling you to switch out of install mode? Thats suppose top be there cause install mode is only a temporary mode while you install something. If you have not done switch back immediately.


I have now installed the FREE Firewall PRO version. In any firewall, I just want to be able to install it and have it do it’s thing. I do not want to have an interaction or love affair with it. Can this be done with C-O-M-O-D-O? I detest pop ups, and it is them that will have me deleting a program off my machine and looking for one that does not behave in that fashion. The reason I have COMODO is because of Gizmo’s recommendation.


Dear Wildeman. Comodo is more then a basic firewall. It is a firewall with the protection of HIPS which involves pop ups and learning. Once all your programs are learned there is no more pop ups unless you install something new or an infection tries to spread. Read all the sticky’s under important topics.

What is HIPS? Have the program learn about my machine is necessary, but don’t keep asking me if I want to allow this that or the other thing, if I knew that I wouldn’t need a firewall in the first place.


HIPS stands for Host Intrusion Prevention. Chill out I am trying to help and educate you. Allowing this and that is part of any firewall.

Hate to tell you this but I didn’t have to go through all this with Sunbelt. Only reason I don’t have them any more is because they stopped updating it and I do know new bad things come along. I told you I do not like hassles and be dang if I’ll be a slave to any software program. Perhaps the programmers should go back to the drawing board. Chances are C-O-M-O-D-O is an excellent product, but as they say “keep it simple ______.”.


No sorry Wildman your wrong. If you want a simply firewall then install Comodo without the D+. But in todays day and age you need a behavior blocker. D+ is the same and better then Threatfire. Open your eyes and your mind to a whole new world of protection. Simply firewalls don’t cut it anymore. Nobody has to go back to the drawing board. Its you that need to learn to adjust. My entire family uses Comodo. Nobody minds the alerts. Alerts subside after a couple of weeks.

Adjust to what? Are you telling me that the programmers of today can not make a program to protect us without us having to interact with it? That is like going to the store for a gallon of milk and having to milk the cow. It is not me who is wrong my friend.


No programmer can possibly know every application that may be running on a user’s computer, so there needs to be some interaction so that the firewall can learn what happens to be on your computer. Like Vette said, this process doesn’t take too horribly long, and once it is done, you won’t hear a peep from the firewall unless you try to install/run a new program, or something unknown tries to run itself. If it is the “Defense+ is learning” windows that bug you, you can turn those off by right clicking the CFP tray icon and deselecting “Display balloon messages”. I personally don’t run that many different applications, so I just went through the list and started up each one, one after the other, and got all the pop-ups out of the way in probably less than an hour or two, and I haven’t gotten a new pop-up in quite some time.

Similarly it’s like buying a car and expecting it to automatically know where you want it to go and where you want it to avoid.

User interaction with security software is almost unavoidable but they are all trying to minimize it.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well said Panic. So I guess our when we turn our TV’s on they should know what channels to go to without us asking and put the volume to where we want it without having to push buttons. I guess when we go to the store for milk the clerk should automatically know what we want. Why should we have to go pick out our food. (:TNG)

maybe u can stay with windows Firewall but don’t blame me ifu get troubles with malwares.
did u read the help file coming with comodo? it’s clear enough to uinderstand how works this great piece of security software.
are u using an antivirus or is it the same prob u have when it’s asking u to take a decision about some alert?


I just love zealots. Got cars with navigation systems now days. Got a menu on my TV that tells me what is on every channel. Got signs above the isle at the store that tells me what is in that isle. Got computer programmers that want you to tell them what to program? Next thing ya know, they will be having you write your own program so they won’t have to think! Give us a choice, and don’t assume that all are computer savvy. assume does this

I have been messing with computers on and off for the past 35 years now and did some programing in the past. I find it hard to swallow that a program can not be written to check ones system, block bad things, allow good ones and all without the individual having to do a thing.


90% of use were never computer savvy. I knew nothing about computers never mind firewalls but I have takin the time to learn.

Every thing I know about computers, and I know a few things has been self taught. I learned by observation and the help of those who forgot more than I’ll ever know. I retired from the United States Air Force in 1988, I was the Military Personnel Systems Manager. I had over a million dollars worth of computer equipment in my office. I go back to the days of the key punch and IBM cards, saw the creation of DOS and the introduction of Windows.

I’ll stop pulling your chain now. I have nothing against C-O-M-O-D-O or any of you for that matter. I do however expect programmers to make it as easy as possible to use any of their programs, and when that does not occur in my opinion I will rant and rave.


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