Comodo Firewall!

I’ve just purchased the above software.However I haven’t installed it yet.Can the two of those work together?I’d like to know this before I moves on with my installation.By the way the new Comodo Firewall runs very light and is great.Is anyone here running this combo?Thanks.By the way this is to run with TrustPort Work Station.

What did you purchase? Comodo firewall is free.

TrustPort Work Station Antivirus.I always likes to ask about compatibility first.Would you see any problems with this?

No Comodo isn’t like KAV. Everything gets along with it. I use Avira Premium. You just need to allow all Trust Port things and make sure the updater is selected as an updater under D+. (R)

Thanks,If I has any problems I’ll know where I can turn for help. (L)

I respectfully disagree: Comodo will work with KAV.

And, no, not everything gets along with Comodo. Cross-compatibilty depends greatly on each individual system and the other software installed on it.

KAV will not install if you have Comodo already installed. Try it yourself.

I didn’t try it myself, but according to that FAQ, only versions 1 and 2.4 of CFP are incompatible. Granted, the FAQ may not have been updated for v3, but it’s not officially incompatible yet. As far as I can see on that web page.

Not true. I tried to install KAV with Comodo 3.0 already installed and KAV would not install unless Comodo was uninstalled first.

I believe you, I was just saying Kaspersky needs to update their FAQ :slight_smile:

I’m well aware of that, as it has been discussed at length on this forum.

But you’re right: Kaspersky does a disservice to its users and potential customers by having an outdated FAQ regarding the proper order of installation.