Comodo Firewall

hi , i have a problem with the installation , the firewall installs correctly but it shows that

the system firewall is not functioning properly. and does’nt show any active connections, but I

tested and stealths the ports and one more thing I can not download any updates for it.

Run Diagnostics did not help. Any suggestions is appreaciated.

Where are you looking?

If they are stealthed then either your modem/router is doing it or CPF

To my knowledge there aren’t any as Comodo is now concentrating on V3


I guess you’re using CFP 3?

It’s not just a GUI bug that says it’s not working, when it actually works? To test this, launch an application that doesn’t have any Internet access rights yet, and see if you get an alert from the firewall.
If you don’t get any, you could try doing a complete uninstall, and see if it solved the problem.

Might be because there’s no newer updates for CFP.