Comodo Firewall...

… has encountered an error and needs to close.

this windows message just greeted me when i logged back in.

is there a log anywhere that will tell me what happened? (:SAD)

Whenever any program, not just CFP, encounters “an error and needs to close”, it’s in the Event Viewer (start > run > eventvwr > most likely in the Application subfolder). Even if you spot it there, it won’t do any good. Errors such as these usually can only be solved by the devs by filing a ticket.

i have found the error where you said… it says application error and event 1000

does this make any sense to anyone:-

Yes. It means you have to call M$ Support and pay to have them interpret their own gibberish.

oh… i see…^lf/money7.gif

and then still have the problem :THNK

Yeah, that’s how they become big corporations. Anyway, happened during the time of the error - like programs running? I only know how to ask the basics.

its a bit hard to know what had been running at the time cos i had switched user and a few others had logged in and out before i came back on.

things running would be :-

Comodo firewall

and possibly:-

solitaire :THNK

When it crashed it was cpf.exe (the gui) not cmdagent.exe (the driver) right? I doubt it would be driver, else = BSOD. I don’t know…it’s never happend on my pc. If it happens again be sure to record the environment and file that ticket.

(:WAV) morning !

had this happen again the other day a while after my son logged into his account. Think I found the cause.

IE was slow loading and got the message again ‘Comodo Firewall has encountered an error and needs to close’

I re-opened comodo and things started to go slow again so i checked the firewall log. This was going crazy blocking and comodo closed again. I already had my log file set to read only as was suggested in another thread, only problem is everytime i restart windows i have to go into the log in comodo… right click and clear all logs as its running every time. (I didnt expect to have to do this for every user that logs in as well) Once i have cleared the log i only get alerts for new things happening.

Should i have my block rule set to block and log or just block?

You can set your rule to just block as long as you don’t mind not seeing any of the logs.


Also, this issue can be caused by improper coding either in Microsoft software or third-party software (that is, printer drivers, virus scanner service, and so on). It is often very difficult to isolate what software is causing a profile to fail to unload.

It may be worth trying the Microsoft User Profile Hive Cleanup Service which helps with slow log off and unreconciled profile problems. Might work, might not but it will probably speed up logging off or shutting down anyway.


I think you have the same symptoms as this: