Comodo Firewall

Hi guys hope you are all well,

Sorry I,m new to this but please bear with me. ( hope this is the right place for my post)

I recently installed Comodo which is a great program and working fine. The trouble Is I keep getting a popup stating my firewall is not protecting me. I go to windows xp security centre and It states my firewall is turned off. (it isn’t) the popup is annoying though. I have disabled windows firewall. please can anyone advise.


Don’t worry. It happens from time to time. Your Firewall works. Don’t listen to the Security Center.
Such a question like yours is posted several times here, and it’s allways the same problem.

The following may help:,2479.0.html

Windows security center sometimes does not recognize CFP but it can be fixed by rebuilding your repository. However, even then it sometimes delays in recognizing that the firewall is present after boot up. To be honest you may be better leaving the windows security center disabled and monitoring your security software yourself:;msg84499#msg84499