Comodo Firewall

I hate pop-up(s)!
I played games in daily basis…many times! (It is my job to play game; trust me).
And pop-up(s) just killed the fun. While true it’s serving the “safe” part, but why can’t it be more fun to use? …pop-up(s) just won’t do it.
I’ve dumped ZoneAlarm+Mcaffe because of what? POP-UP(S)!
…darn, I hate it when I click on my World of Warcraft icon and start to wait for 1 minutes, 2 minutes, 3 minutes…and it’s still hasn’t finish to load??? …then suddenly something smack me… …aaah, it must be those stupid pop-up thingy-or whatever…
…and then I try to alt+tab it… Nothing hapened. …try it again. Still nothing. …how about Enter? …nope. …ESC then? …nope.

…the list could take forever…

Another game patch, means another “stuck while loading” tragedy.
…sure you can spend your time clicking around on that program list…re-adding 'em again…
…that is, if you know how.

How 'bout making a shorcut label for that dreaded pop-up of yours. Like pressing “ALT+A” = “Allow”. “ALT+R” = “Remember this damn setting will ya!”.

Being safe doesn’t mean we can’t have fun too. (…like using condom. Hey, that’s fun! …but safe).
Pop-up(s), long & boring explanation to…too many things… only works if you want to impress those column magazine writers. …but for us. The REAL user. …NAAH!!! I’ll just un-firewall myself and my computer to have the fun back. Spyware, trojan, malware…whatever, man. Everybody can deal with it at the aproriate time they want it to. …running a multitask to scan a computer for this kinda thing from 2.00 AM to 5.30 AM will do the trick.

Is it me or you seem as if you don’t like pop-ups :slight_smile:

I couldn’t agree more! In theory there should be no pop-ups and firewall should protect you on the background, right!
Well we are getting there! Slowly but surely! Bear with us, soon enough you will see the popups disapparing… its our goal!


Well i for one kinda love pop-ups. Maybe for the feeling of control? Maybe cos i know i got a firewall and its working. True, with games, 1st time running implies that Alt+Tab but it’s ok. It’s supposed to be included in that learning time of the firewall. The scenario described above would happen only when u just installed comodo (or any fw in fact) and jumped directly to playn. It’s only normal that u would be flooded with pop-ups cos the firewall asks you about stuff, it’s its first time on your computer.
I for one didnt have such an encounter being given that i let the firewall accomodation time.
As for the fact that they pop-up kinda weird (it doesnt alt-tab itself and then shows the pop-up in windows, on top) its only normal i say, and im used to it. i wouldnt like either the fw to exit my current app to show me a trivial matter but neither to be totally stealth … its good as it is.
The Shortcut-mode might be a solution for users with stealthy demands. It would be useful maybe a shortcut mode of running, which could be activated (better be a de/activate switch cos not all would want maybe implicit shortcuts) and the shortcuts set. The way it runs could be adjusted as well … a simple 3-button tapping or could also be set a time to do it (like press x-y-z for 3 seconds = allow).
I myself dont think it would be too good though. Even if you dont want to be disturbed during your fun sessions, how do you know the firewall asks you something (ok, say we put there a discreet sound-signal) and if it does, how do you know what did he ask you (maybe use Sam from windows ? :slight_smile: therefore allow/deny.

PS - arent u tried (<-not a typo) enough after being attacked by so many web pop-ups ? those fw pop-ups aint nothing :smiley: (untill they release the version with pop-unders ;D )


Thanks for the reply.
You guys DO have some attention, here.

Haven’t you guys look how Yahoo! Messenger DO with their pop-up(s)?
They got 2 option. …tho’ it’s not explicitly explanied; “…you got 2 options to see how the message/pop-up displayed…”

It’s →

  1. Visualy disturbing one (WILL POP YA’ THE MESSAGE!)
  2. …a little tiny baloon kinda thing with a little ding-a-ling sound on the background…

How about from now on (…and beyond), for the sake of humanity; all firewall(s) PLEASE!! stop to pop-us out! …and start to make a ding-a-ling sound when they block (or do stuff) things…or whatever that thing is?..thus we can be more than happy to switch to desktop, and click one additional icon at the system tray to the related event.
Don’t say you can’t do it.
You can block any intrusion without any single POP, why can’t this?

…so it’s DING! not POP!

*. I’ve give CPF 3 weeks before writing this stuff down.
*. …and NO! You can’t alt+tab back to the desktop (…when the pop-up…POP! …even pressing Windows button won’t help you out) when you play many popular game; such as Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
*. And try to have you kid play an online game from Yahoo! or any other site with this thing turn on… You’ll know how I feel.

Well, it would be nice if the firewall had a G15 plug in. One button for accept and one for reject. It sure would make gaming much easier. I have no clue how to make a plugin, but then again, I’m a 14-year-old programmer wannabe X D, but I can’t imagine it to be too hard. This would be the ONLY firewall I know of that has this feature.

So… I’m not alone…,194.0.html

So… it’s a DING! …not POP!

No, you are not alone. I had this happen while playing a game, and lost the last half hour worth of land gained during a rapid advance, since the game uses a graphics mode that cant be ALT-TABBED to. Once out, you have to kill the game and reload from the last save. I was not happy about that.

But in my case Comodo was blocking something suspicious unrelated to my game. I am still not sure what was blocked or why, but it was nice to know the firewall was on duty.

Still, a yahoo-style audible warning would have given me a chance to save before exiting.

Would there be any way for a warning to open the program window, and for the window to have an alert box? Just a thought.


good idea about audible warning etc.
can you pls help us to make this as gamer friendly as possible?
can you pls put all your wishes relating to that in the wish list pls.



It might be worth checking whether the keystroke “Windows-D” (which minimizes all and exposes the desktop) might fix this issue. The game may still be suspended but at least you may be able to get to the popup and click Allow or Deny accordingly.

Ewen :slight_smile:

All I can say is… Oh My GOD!!!
Nobody read my post! …except darknightmadman, Blurr, and man123.
…even you, Melih. …I know you’re kinda busy. …but oh, my GOD!
So nobody REALLY have the time to read all of my rant?
…I’m not offended. It’s just… well, quite dissapointed.

From the begining of my post, everythings can be sum-off to this:

Please make a ZA (it’s Zone Alarm!) ‘kinda-like shortchut, which represent every action we need to do, even tho’ we don’t see those darn POP! (…they have “ALT+A” to “Allow” things…)

Please, give us additional option to see(?) the pop-up. …and my sugesstion is…

…I have enough of this.
Take it or leave it.

I read the first line :slight_smile:

Joke aside, sometimes i don’t answer it (or answer wrong :-)) cos I might not have enough deep knowledge about the product to do so :slight_smile:


To quote your earlier post:

“Every Firewall I know would POP the message…
I’ve been yelling out at the ZoneAlarm, McAfee, Outpost, etc…forums for years…
And still…they POP-US-OUT!
Why can’t you just “DING!” this important message?
Check out Yahoo! Messenger, or any other instant messenger… It’ll be a good example how to thread your message with.”

So, by your own words, EVERY other firewall isn’t good enough either? They all ALL try to display a pop-up when you’re playing games.

“I’ve been yelling out at the ZoneAlarm, McAfee, Outpost, etc…forums for years…”
I bet you have. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

But at least, with ZA they incorporate the shortchut/hot-key I’ve proposed them to…
…they’ll POP, but you still have the chance with “ALT+A” to “Allow” things.

Hi wisanggeni,

since you play a lot of games could you check this suggestion? And maybe propose something for improoving it? I really think it can solve the problems with online gaming,987.0.html

Thanks for the invitation.
I’ve read it, and post my toughs of it.
I hope it’ll do the community good.


Having a keystroke like ALT-A is going to be pretty much the only around this, due to the differing graphics mode used between most 3D games and your normal desktop mode. Myself, I’m not really all that comfortable with blindly press ALT-A to allow “something” to occur.

What might be needed is a sandbox type environment where you could run the game initially, wait for it to bomb out and then read in the sandbox log what happened when it was bombing. These events could then be catered for in the firewall, to allow it to run in future instances.

Where this would come unstuck is if the game is using SafeDisk 4.X for CD protection, as this generates randomly named files each time the game is run. I’ve got no idea how to handle randomly generated file names that need to be included in a firewall rule.

There’s got to be a way around this, hasn’t there?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi, Panic.
Glad to see you up to this…
I’ve read your post about the diferences between the game vs desktop display mode, a week ago. …and I couldn’t agree more with the “sandboxing” idea.
But as you already stated, the recent game protection isn’t friendly enough to our third party tool.
So… my humble solution to this “freeze-to-death” POP, is like having a hotkey + log to just about everything.

In ZA (I’m not trying to compare ZA vs CPF!), they got everything’s logged by default.
So in case, any curiousity appear to whatever you just “ALT+A” is, you can always see that on the log.
…sometimes when you check the log, you go; “Ooops!”
But at least, you have the choice. …and learn to what is your computer generate when you go online or play the spesific game.

Change the POP-UP behaviour (additional option?) to an additional tray icon with a nice extra DING! or whatever sound the CPF’s Dev would like it to.

I agree with the log feature. I also like to know what is trying to connect and when. I can’t control my pc 24 hours a day :smiley:


Your post just made me think of what might be the simplest answer - enable logging of pop ups and their cause!!

It can currently display pop ups and it can currently log network rules - just extend the logging to the pop ups and their cause (a separate log for this??) and then be able to create application rules straight from the log.

Hardest problems have the simplest solutions??

What do you think??

Ewen :slight_smile:

I really have to say “I’m sorry”…
But I’m gonna take another example from ZA.

…in ZA you can simply right-click the log line, to manipulate the log, and incorporated a future action regarding the log you’ve currently selected.

-. LOG >> BLOCK: 202.x.x.x:6200 TCP to 192.168.x.x:6200 - Reason: Bla…bla.bla…
-. When you right click on those line, you’ll have an option to allow it in the future, if it ever happends again

Still… I’m dying to see another options to see how the message displayed.
POP-UP, just not for everyone…
It’s like an old telephone ring. It’s offensive, and lag alots of efficiency on it.
…nowadays, we have “True-Tones”, MP3, MIDI, to replace those offensive sounds.

…it’s about time.