Comodo Firewall - XAMPP

Hey there,

I have a problem with the Comodo Firewall. First at all: I am from germany, so I can’t translate the warnings 1 to 1.

Now my problem:
Comodo is blocking the program “xampp_control.exe” with the flag: “Access on Memory” or something and than there is a path “COMODO Internet Security/cfp.exe”…

Don’t know if this was the correct translation for this:
Hinweise → Auf Speicher zugreifen → COMODO Internet Security/cfp.exe

Hope you can help me.

What you are seeing is Comodo’s self protection in action. When this does not influence how XAMPP works you can ignore it.

If you don’t want the logs to be filled with the alerts follow ‘Access memory’ event log entries - how can I suppress these? [v5].


Fixxed an thanks :slight_smile: Self protection is fixed now, and the main problem
why XAMPP didn’t start was stupid:

XAMPP didn’t start correctly because I didn’t start it in “Safe Mode”.
Big problem… easy solution = Windows

Why ever… in past I musn’t start XAMPP in safe mode.
However. Thanks 4 helping me :slight_smile:

GreeZ Ckorona[/b]