Comodo Firewall x64 installation issue

I’m trying install CFP x64 on Win2003 x64, but shortly after begining of coping files installer show “Rollback done” screen (see attach)

[attachment deleted by admin]


As i know CFP v3 is designed to work only on XP/Vista x32/x64. Maybe that’s why installation fails for you.

Installed fine for me on Vista x64…

CFP 3.0 System Requirements
Windows XP (SP2) 32 bit version
Windows XP 64 bit version
Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit versions
64 Mb RAM
55 MB hard disk space for 32-bit versions and 75 MB for 64-bit versions
From download page just XP/Vista for now

i know, but in this case i hoped for “Unsupported OS, quitting…” screen. Its more definite then “Rollback done”