Comodo Firewall work with Serv-U FTP Server

I installed the firewall and Serv-U Ftp server on the server
and the port 20&21 is allowed
and the problem is the ftp client can only use port mode to download the files

but a lot of people will use this server so I want to the ftp client(such as ie, flashfxp) can work in passive mode.
passive mode needs a random private port(>1024) so how can i configure the comodo firewall?

just recently i was plagued with a similar problem but the solution still will be the same. Even thought i had Comodo closed i could never connect with ftp clients. And it was bothering me for a while, i checked everything many times and the solution came to me when i installed cuteftp which seemed to work. I checked while cuteftp was able to connect and not my other ftp clients, and so the reason was my other ftp clients were using the FTP preset rules and my cuteftp was using “Trusted Appliction” and when i changed my other ftp clients rules to trusted they started to work. So change your FTP clients to Trusted and they will work. Btw im using v3 of the firewall but i think its the same problem with you.

There are a number of things that have to be set correctly for FTP to work. Some are server side, and some are client side. Sometimes there isn’t a workable combination for a given server with a given client. I made a summary of the things to set in this topic, if you can read thru some of the differences in points of view.