Comodo firewall won't update - can't access Comodo forums

When I try to update Comodo firewall it saya I have found a bug with CIS and won’t update.

Also, Comodo forums site won’t load. All other sites load fine.

what DNS service are you using (if any)

I’m curious how you posted if the site doesn’t load.

Different network.

Using Norton DNS by the way.

Anyway, things seem OK now, but it would still be interesting to know what the problem was. Seems to have mainly affected the UK judging by other topics and comments.

It looks like it may have been an ISP specific routing issue. All the members that reported this seemed to be using the same ISP. Other UK based members (myself included), using different ISP’s, didn’t experience this problem.

Things were briefly OK yesterday but again I’m unable to access this forum on my home ISP, and CIS won’t update.

So we know who’s affected, but what’s the solution?

Contact your ISP and ask them what’s going on.