Comodo Firewall won't let me take screen shots with S/C prog

The application I’m referring to is Capture Wiz Pro - which allows you to take screen captures. Even though I added it to the trusted list…Comodo still won’t allow me to use it to take screen caps,entire screen goes blank white whenever I try to do so…

What can I do to resolve this?


add the program files to “trusted files”

I don’t agree to add almost any application to trusted files.

It is not because this screen capture software should of course be allowed for monitor access that it should be allowed for everything including, e.g., dns access.

I personnally advocate for a “per case” policy, only allowing what is strictly needed to make some program work for what it is made for, and not for anything else.

Multiple Adobe programs behaviors asking for internet connections whereas you actually don’t need any (offline using Adobe pdf not Reader, but full, is a good example) represent as many entries to security flaws of the said softwares, and result as a consequence in making whatever security software totally inoperant.

Can you make sure the file is not also in My Pending Files at the same time. If so please remove it from there.

Also read Mouse1’s FAQ (see my signature) and How to remove individual applications/files from the sandbox? and see if that brings any help.