Comodo Firewall ( Without Defense + ) + Question to Melih.

Hello Comodo Forum :wink:

I have a question ,

I installed Comodo Firewall 1 hour ago , and i have currently Norton Antivirus 2011 installed.

I disabled the Defense+ , because if i have to be honest , i do not know what to answer sometimes.

But i have the intrustion protection from Norton , it goes automatic.

But my question is , if i have Defense+ disabled.

Do i still have a good firewall ?

Do i still have good protection , i mean i just need a good firewall no HIPS attached.

I have SONAR from Norton , and i use Sandboxie , so i will be safe on the internet.

I read on Matousec Comodo gets 100% score , Norton 40% , is Comodo still high without Defense + ?

Am i good protected with Norton Antivirus 2011 + Comodo Firewall ( Without Defense + ) ?

And Melih , i heard you saying 1 time , that a sandbox , like sandboxie , is not able to protect driveby downloads , sandboxie CAN protect you against driveby downloads , i read it on their forum , and i think it is true but , you said like , people who say sandboxie is 100% safe , is nothing more then Norton spreading false information , well i never think ANY program is 100% , but sandboxie comes close i think.

No offense , just a little thing that i had to say , you probably a good guy and stuff , but i just thought you was a little offensive there , some people do not know better you know , not that they are bad people because they think a program is 100% bulletproof.

Comodo has good products and i use it , but i need to like the boss of the product to feel comfortable using it , i am like that you know , so can you react.

I wouldn’t place too much faith in the Matousec Personal Firewall Tests Analysed particularly if you are considering just the firewall.

Do i still have good protection , i mean i just need a good firewall no HIPS attached.

The firewall in CIS is extremely versatile and will happily work with or without D+ (I personally only use the firewall) However, If you’re going to use it without the D+ component, I’d suggest you delete the default firewall rules and look at increasing both the Security level and the Alert level, both of which can be found under the Firewall Behaviour settings on the Firewall tab.

Thank you for the advice and tips :wink:

And yes , i did increase the alert level to medium , and security level to modified :slight_smile:

I have another question on this topic.
As I understand Firewall scans programs/processes even if Defense+ is completely disabled. I am right?

What do you mean with scanning in this context?

I use NIS 2011 on my XP installation. I use Comodo Firewall plus Defense+ along with Avast 6.0 on my WIN7 x64 installation.

I have used Synantec AVs for years. The worst of the worst is any stand alone Symantec AV including the corp. ver. if not running it’s IPS and firewall as many people do in a client only installation.

I strongly urge you to use Defense+ or some other reputable HIPS to protect you from downloads. NIS 2011 has an “OK” firewall if I want to strech the word “OK.” It is inflexible and takes much tweaking to be full protected.