comodo firewall within CIS

I previously had the free Comodo firewall as stand alone.

I now have it as part of the free CIS package (which is brilliant)

However, when it was stand alone it used to show lots of intrusion attempts every day, sometimes dozens.

Now that it’s part of CIS, it has shown no intrusion attempts at all (during about 3 weeks).

Have I got something set wrong (firewall is in Safe mode) or does it now block attempts without showing.

I’m running 3.5.57173.439 - Vista (service pack 1) - 32bit

Can anyone help please


If you really want to see blocked intrusion attempts in event log you can try ‘stealth port’

CIS>Firewall>Common Tasks>Stealth Ports Wizard>Block all incoming connections.

You should see a lot of ‘blocks’