Comodo Firewall with Windows Vista 64 Home Premium + Firefox 3.5.2

I installed Comodo last night, and ever since then my browser has become nearly unusable. I wrote a very nice informative post just a minute ago, and the forum timed me out Because my browser done gone crazy. If I can’t use Firefox + Vista, I can’t use Comodo. I searched on the forum and found several people have had the same problem, but as of yet no solution has been posted. I want to give you guys another chance, as this firewall came highly recommended. Please let me know in plain english how best to get my Firefox back to usable with Comodo w/o screwing around with the registry (Vista’s Lost Ark). Thanks!

Oh yeah, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. And I am using the 64-bit version. My computer wouldn’t let me use the 32-bit version.


Are you on a 64 bits Windows? You installed CIS v3.11 64 bits?

In what mode are you using CIS? The default mode after installation? Where rules automatically made for FF or did you make you own rules?

Can you describe more detailed what happens when FF goes haywire? Can you show us a screenshot of the D+ logs of around the time FF is active? They can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + alerts.

I would make sure Comodo is the problem. 3.5.2 is an extremely unstable build. I have been a Firefox user for some time and love their browser, but the latest release is a mis-step in my opinion. Try downgrading to 3.0.13 and report back. If you go to, you will find quite a few complaints from other users having difficulties with this build. To find the previous build, go to