Comodo Firewall with no antivirus .

Hello forum.
Im just wondering if an antivirus is actually needed with comodo firewall.
As i understand it comodo firewall checks files as they are downloaded etc and im assuming it would pick up malware on its own therefore maybe i would not need to run the comodo av or any other av at all.

Any thoughts on this please.?


If your running the sandbox or hips with the firewall then no you don’t need an av. If your running only the firewall then you do need something else.

I usually runs the hips and firewall without the antivirus.

I am wondering this issue,too. I got it wasgij6 :-TU

when I want to scan my computer ? I am on Clean PC mode about HIPS. my all files are %100 trusted :slight_smile:

This is how i was thinking.
Use the comodo cloud rather than using the av.


give it a test in a virtual machine or look for some test on youtube. the sandbox and hips are really powerful