[Wow! I just discovered this site with its excellent free products and informative forums. I’m a newbie with computers, software and the Internet. This site has greatly increased my computer knowledge and the vast dangers on the Internet. Now, I’m concerned that I might make some mistakes because the so call “geeks” are giving me inconsistent advice. Therefore, I’m asking if someone on these forums would give me some sound advice.

Here’s my dilemma. I’m going to get Netzero DSL. I informed Netzero that I would like to install the Comodo Firewall Pro. They replied that it’s not necessary because a firewall is already built into their modem.

The “Geek Squad” told me to obtain Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0, which it did. It also contains a firewall Kaspersky calls “Anti Hacker “. I have XP PRO + SP2. What I wanted to do was disable the XP Firewall, install the Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4, the anti-virus portion of the Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0, BoClean4.24, Spy-terminator, Super anti-spyware and Opera 9.21. Next year, when the Kaspersky automatic anti-virus updates expire, I would switch to the new updated Comodo Firewall and the Comodo Anti-virus programs. Perhaps still keeping the other software if necessary. Suggested software addition or elimination would also be welcomed.

Is there a Comodo forum where members list the software they used to secure their Internet home computer?

Your help is anticipated and appreciated

Sincerely, Scrapmann

Welcome to the forum, Scrapmann.
I actually know of the geek squad with my job. (:LGH)

Your software assortment is among the best, some of which I also recommend

. The one thing I don’t know is can you actually disable the firewall portion of KIS 6.0? I’m wondering even with it disabled there’s that possibility that its drivers will conflict with CFP 2.4 (wait for the big 3 currently in alpha testing).

There are also known issues between Kaspersky AV and Comodo FW, wherein KAV will not play nicely with CFP. In those cases, it demands that the user uninstall CFP, or causes CFP’s install to be botched (in such a way it seems OK, but there are multiple unsolvable problems, things act strangely, etc, until KAV is uninstalled), and so on. As I understand it, Kaspersky puts out a list of firewalls that their AV will play with; I’m sure theirs is at the top of that list, LOL…

It should be noted that not all users of KAV & CFP have these problems, but enough do that it is well-documented in the forums.

I do not know what causes it, nor if there is a fix in progress from the development team. I do know that some users have submitted reports to Support, but that’s all I know on it.


PS: Of ‘paid’ antivirus, I think Nod32 is considered to be the most compatible, and certainly one of the strongest AVs on the market today. I don’t know pricepoint, but it might be worth your time top see if you can return KIS and then purchase Nod (which might only be available on the internet; I’m not sure).