Comodo firewall with network bridge

First off, I love the firewall, just what I need.

I recently installed XP PRO64. Comodo 64 bit works great. Then installed Virtual box with an XP Pro Guest OS. I have need of using the Host interface mode for the VB network connection. I set up the Host Interface and then on the Host OS (XP 64 bit) I bridge the 2 network adapters together. Within 15 seconds of the bridge completion the PC suddenly reboots and is then caught in a reboot cycle. Once the PC gets to login prompt it reboots again.

I have disabled CFP no change. Uninstalled it completely and the issue resolves. Since CFP was installed before Virtual Box when this issue occurred, I have tried to install CFP after Virtual Box, no change, the error occured again as soon as CFP was reinstalled.

Any help that can be offered would be great.

No ideas? To be the best you have to play nice with network bridging too!