Comodo Firewall with interactive Tray-icon

I was a long time user of ZA firewall and recently shifted to Comodo.
I appreciate your excellent product, it is much better and stable than ZA.
It has nice features too that are not available in ZA.

Users will appreciated if your static systray icon is changed to be more interactive just like the ZA icon which indicate inbound/outbound traffic. In case internt connection stops or slows down we come to know immidiately.

Thanks for a wonderful product.

~Furqan Qureshi

Check the wishlist thread:,1202.0.html

If your idea is not there…post your idea in the thread.

A good idea. ZAPro spoiled me with the in/out traffic icon… I sure like CF but miss the connection condition icon.
CF, thanks for what seems to be a dandy product.

Welcome to the Comodo world cenice00. (:CLP)
I’m sure it will be in the next version of CPF.
Comodo usually do what the users want them to do…
Within reason… ;D