Comodo Firewall with interactive Tray-icon

I was a long time user of ZA firewall and recently shifted to Comodo.

I appreciate your excellent product, it is much better and stable than ZA.

It has nice features too that are not available in ZA.

Users will, however, appreciat comodo firewall’s static systray icon is changed to be more interactive just like the ZA icon which indicate inbound/outbound traffic. In case internet connection stops or slows down we come to know immidiately.

Thanks for a wonderful product.

~Furqan Qureshi

eferqan - I agree. I uninstalled ZASS the other day to install CPF, and was pleasantly surprised. Comodos web page gave me the impression that it was complicated to use, but after digging around I was assured it could be ran in automatic as well as ZASS. I like the interface and how its configured. After a few clicks I was all set up. The interactive icon was a plus in ZA. You could just watch and know when the firewal was doing its thing. Not a big deal though, CPF has it all over ZA. I like the fact that I can pass my pointer over the Comodo icon and get a status.

The systray icon will be more “interactive” in the next version i think. :smiley:

I’ll 2nd. and 3rd. the tray icon animation!


I’ll 4th that!

Another vote from me too!

I read in another thread that the tray icon was going to be quite flexible (user customisable). This is an even better solution as users can select the solution that best suits them.

I’ll “sixth” that!