Comodo Firewall With Defence +

I can’t seem to get a straight answer to this question, Comodo Firewall with Defense plus, are memory firewall and BOClean included in the build?


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Thanks mate, one other question about sand boxing, use the sand box for everything then weed out the bad applications? sounds good on paper?


I don’t think I have understood your question completely but here is a lame explanation of what the sandbox has for function.

Sandbox is isolating the malware or unknown application from you complete system. That’s the function of the sanbox. If something either goodware/malware will be deleted once the computer is restart.

Unrecognized files will be treated as untrusted. This the best and most secure sanbox setting. I find the sandbox good.


This application sent any and all utilities straight to the sandbox, where they were locked up tight, its a good read…GeSWall

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The sandbox is part of the Default Deny strategy. That means that when files are not on Comodo’s whitelist they will get sandboxed.

When you know for sure those files are legit and downloaded them from a safe place you can move them from Unrecognised Files to Trusted Files. Next time these files get started, or after a reboot, the files will not get sandboxed again.

The Default Deny strategy wit sandbox does a ■■■■ good job in keeping malware at bay; it is allowed to run but cannot make changes to your system.