COMODO Firewall with D+ Crashed n burned hardcord. Got pix n Error Logs

For the first time in over 3 years COMODO Firewall w D+ has crashed :cry: not once ??? not twice :o but 3 times in 5 min!!! QUICK SOMEONE CALL THE :P0l COMODO :P0l

It all started when i was running “CCleaner” and i got a “Defence+ Alert” see pix #1 I’m not sure but i think the running of CCleaner is just a coincident. Ok so from the popup alert i did right click on both file names, brought up “properties” to find where they are located. As i tried to “upload a file for analisis” to COMODO see pix #2 i got as far as clicking on the expand symbol next to “assembly” in the Windows folder then comodo froze. I used “Task Manager” to shut down COMODO. Then restarted COMODO and again when when i tryed to upload the file in question COMODO froze at the same piont but this time after about 15 seconds the COMODO GUI disappeared locking the whole computer REBOOT OS After rebooting COMODO crashed for the third time in less than 5 min Trying to upload the same file.

I searched my pc for both files in question but could only find one of them (yes view all hidden selected) see pix #3 & 4.
things that make you go “hmmmm ???”

I’m going to do a FULL OFF LINE VIRUS SCAN


P.S. After the first crash COMODO automaticly sent home a crash/bug/error report

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The .exes involved in the alert are both to do with the .net framework, neither is reported as being dodgy. As for the crash its normally just cfp.exe that crashes (the GUI), cmdagent.exe which is the heart still runs.

One thing you may wish to do is check the box under Defence+/Settings “Block all unkown requests if the application is closed”


Look at pix #4 It shows that the file does not exist on my pc although Pix #1 shows it’s location (after right click properties) and another file trying to access it but that doesnt explain the ■■■■ that when i try to upload a file to COMODO it crashes. See pix #5 & 6 as it again has crashed trying to upload a file to COMODO. Irregardless as to what the files are, COMODO has crashed trying to upload a file.

“Block all unkown requests if the application is closed” is checked.

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