Comodo Firewall with Canon EOS utility

Hi all

I have only installed Comodo firewall and defence + (running alongside with Avira antivirus) recently when my old internet security expired a few weeks ago. As the default setting, I have both firewall and defence + in safe mode. The OS that I am using is Vista.

Comodo Version: 5.4.189822.135
Product: Comodo IS (firewall and Defence + only)
OS: Vista 32 bit with SP2

Today I connected my camera with my computer (1st time ever since I got Comodo installed). When I turn on Canon EOS utility to try to take photos using the remote capture function (basically controlling my camera through my computer) my computer crashed. Before it crashed I remembered that Comodo firewall (or defence +) was asking whether EOS utility should get permission for the different things that it was trying to access and I remember I clicked “allow” for all of them. When I am done, I notice my computer slow down a bit. Nevertheless, I continue on shooting photo. After I have taken the first photo, my computer made a “beep” sound and freezed. This is the first time it happened ever since I got my laptop. I restarted my laptop and tried again, this time I put Comodo into training mode, it still crashed. After that I restart my computer and this time I disabled comodo and finally I managed to run EOS utility smoothly. My question is that are there any ways to fix the crashing problem? It is very annoying to turn off comodo everytime when I do remote shooting.

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile: