Comodo Firewall, Windows Firewall and Windows Update

Hi. Based on my query at Microsoft Forums and the feedback I have received there, I will also state the situation here.

MS Forums Thread: Redirecting

So… now the situation here is: if Windows Firewall is stopped, apparently Windows Update
in Windows 10 won’t download future updates.

On the other hand, two concurrent active firewalls may cause problems.

So… If I just leave the two firewalls active, will it be something of a security/performance/usability issue (from COMODO FW point)?

Are you sure you can’t install updates if Windows Firewall is disabled? I have Windows Firewall disabled and installed Windows 10 updates just fine today. Are you sure it’s not the Windows Firewall Service that is stopped?

Sorry I can’t answer your questions though, I don’t have enough experience with multiple firewalls at once.

You should disable the windows firewall but not the firewall service, and I’m sure the issue with windows updates not working is if the windows firewall service is stopped/disabled.

The problem a the Microsoft Answers community was not nailed down. For all I know it is a problem with another firewall that is not Comodo’s. There is too little information to establish that problem would extend to the Comodo Firewall.

Futuretech has a good point but that was not discussed in the linked topic. For now it is all speculation what the problem is or how it could be solved etc.

Don’t disable the Windows firewall, you’ll also lose the ability to share files and printers if you do. Instead open the Local Security Policy (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy). Expand Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, then click on the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security sub-option that appears. In the Windows on the top right click the Windows Firewall Properties text menu and then in the dialog box that opens set the Firewall State to Off for the Domain, Public and Private profiles. That will stop the Windows firewall from operating whilst still leaving the service running for all other features.