Comodo Firewall + Windows Defender

I have the free Comodo Firewall 3.5, free Comodo Anitivirus, and Windows Defender on my Windows XP computer. Somehow I accidently blocked a file mpsigstub.exe that windows uses to update Windows Defender with various alphanumeric filenames that constantly change. I am unable to update Windows Defender because of this. I have marked the Windows Defender update files that I know about like mpas as safe. Since mpsigstub.exe is a file Microsoft uses but one that is not on my computer, how can I maike comodo view this as a safe file??? Alos since this file is a Microsoft file used for Windows Defender updates, why did Comodo say it did not recognize it as safe??? If it hadn’t said that I would not have blocked it in the first place. Help!!!

I attached a SS on how to make a file safe. Hope this helps.

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The problem with this solution is that (step 3 you gave me) add will only add if you browse files already on your computer or Browse running files. This file is not on my computer but runs only for a few seconds everytime Windows Defender tries to update. Then I get A HIPS Aplication Control Alert from Comodo that has no choices and goes away quickly. After that Windows Defender sends a message that it was not able to update. How do I take it out of this HIPS Application Control Alert if it is not on my computer so I cannot add/browse files and it doesn’t stay up long enough for add/browse running files??? Also why does Comodo not automatically make a file that Windows uses to update Windows Defender automatically on it’s safe list??? HELP!!!

It must be on your computer somewhere…just only run for a few secs. You can try disabling D+ while you update, or put it in training mode to remember what you did.

Right Click the CIS tray icon (shield) > hover mouse over “Defense+ Security Level” > select either “Disabled” or “Training Mode”.