Comodo firewall & Win 7 firewall

Today I installed the Free Comodo firewall on a new Windows 7 Pro machine. In the past with I installed Comodo on a XP Pro machine the installation “automatically” changed the XP settngs so the XP firewall was disabled and the Comodo firewall was turned ON.

Today when I installed the Free Comodo firewall on the Windows 7 Pro machine the Windows firewall remained ON.

Should the Comodo installation on Windows 7 turned the Windows firewall OFF. I manually turned the Windows 7 Pro firewall OFF.


A known issue. I hope Comodo finally fixes it one day…

Eric -

Thanks for your quick reply to my question. I will continue to leave the Windows 7 Firewall manually turned OFF.

Have a great day.

artmanphoto- I had the same experience when I installed Win 7 although when I went into the Win 7 Firewall and turned it off as it turned out it wasn’t completely off and so I fully disabled the Win 7 Firewall by disabling it in Services.



I remembered having to do that in a previous installation with Comodo on one of my other machines. Thanks for the reminder. I went into Services and Stopped Windows 7 firewall.

Another question -

I get my notifications by email that a reply has been posted. When I click on the link in the email it takes directly to your reply/post. If I want to respond then I log in and I have to navigate through the forum tree to find the post (this one) that I want to reply to. Do you know is there a way that when I log in it will take me directly to the post that I was notified by email?

Thanks for your help!