Comodo Firewall - Who's The Target Audience?

Who is Comodo’s target audience suppose to be for the Comodo Firewall?

As a Tech and Geek of 20 years I do not find this to be a program for the beginner, so why is Comodo leaving this audience out since a big majority of computer users around the world are still very inexperienced with this sort of thing?

Even with my level of experience I find some of the things a bit technical and burdensome to deal with.

So why doesn’t Comodo make a more user friendly, automated firewall for the newbie, or for those that would like things a little simpler to deal with?

It’s great to have all the technology, bells and whistles I’m not denying that at all and saying let’s get rid of this, I am however saying that as technology moves on and becomes more complex, software should also be made simple to handle tasks and do the job for you, without needing a degree in computer security to understand it. Now I know that’s stretching it a bit far, but I hope you get my point, because there are many aspects to this firewall that still go way beyond and over the heads of many…

So can’t Comodo come up with a way in the future to make the firewall more user friendly, automated, for many of the tasks you have to manually do, as an example, clicking on an action you want to complete and have the firewall as an example take you through a setup wizard that either lets you manually do this or have it automate the task (recommended) for the inexperienced?

If all this is to complicated with how the firewall code/design is already in place, then Comodo should make a new firewall that accomplishes this and makes for a more automated user friendly firewall…


Do you have ideas on how Comodo could make the firewall more easy for mum and dad?

Historically, the target audience for CIS Firewall has been control freaks.
MS already includes a firewall such as you describe with every copy of Windows 7.

Well, I would have to say the target audience is Everyone!; It’s simple that my grandma can use, and can be so advance that Control Freaks can use…

If grandma doesn’t know she just clicks on the “Chat Now” for a Geekbuddy guy to help her with questions and issues;

Comodo’s target audience are people (like me) who have been let down by their expensive and user friendly security suite.
I am anything but computer savvy and yet I find CIS perfectly easy to use.
When I first installed it I was happy to see all the pop-ups. I wanted pop-ups.

I followed Chirons (sp??) guide to set CIS up…then I made my first ever set of FW rules with help from this forum (for Utorrent) and after about a month, the number of pop-ups fell to maybe 10 a day.

It’s not rocket science…even for someone like me.

I think Comodo Firewall is pretty well set up for most people. Of course nothing will satisfy everyone, but I think that it has a pretty good balance.

Don’t forget that Comodo puts security before usability, but if you have any suggestions that won’t sacrifice security please create a topic in the wishlist. As has been shown many times, Comodo Firewall is currently being updated with new technologies that increase usability without sacrificing security.

I am not a pro either, I’m just using personal computers since they exist.
I am about to be 59. Three years ago when I was a lecturer at Rangsit University (Thailand) a young colleague asked me questions about how to use some basic features in excel.
He gave after as excuse:‘You know, B…, I am about thirty, a bit too old to start learning Excel’
My answer was very simple:‘You know, U…, when I was thirty, Excel didn’t even exist’
In fact, we just got VisiCalc at that time. (for those who don’t know, VisiCalc is the first spreadsheet-1979)
Why do I tell this story?
Just to focus on the necessity to study further.
And Comodo gives us this opportunity and the opportunity to define a lot of settings by ourselves.
Not easy, but much better than using a program without knowing what it is doing.
If something could be improved and made more users friendly, maybe the user’s manual.