Comodo Firewall when booting up

When I boot up my Toshiba Laptop I always get a message Comodo Firewall is not on please check. When i check the security screen initially states the firewall is off then changes to on and shows the Comodo firewall on.

How can I avoid this message at startup as it is annoying and should not be needed if i have Comodo fireall set up.


Same here, it seems that CPF is not active at W startup (???) and comes up active after “a while”.
Shouldnt CPF be loaded first before anything else like Kerio does?
(not mentioning the W alert: no firewall active)

Please can anyone update us on this?


CFP loads a kernel level driver (cmdmon.sys) on startup that performs the SPI and rule parsing. The delay you can see is merely for the GUI to initialize and map the running state of the PC (99% sure of this, but confirmation would be great ;)).

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: