Comodo Firewall warning???

Not 100% sure if this is posted in the correct area as I am unsure if it is a program error or specifically a firewall error - either way hope someone can offer a little assistance!

I am running the latest version of Comodo (3.13.121240.574) on two PCs in two different offices, but as I sit behind a hardware firewall I chose to not install the Comodo Firewall on either. I use “PC1” continually, so when on “PC2” I use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection to control PC1 from PC2, this appears to be what causes the error I am receiving… While I am connected to PC1, Comodo functions totally normally, but when I disconnect from PC1 and go back to the office it is in, the system tray icon for Comodo has a red circle with a diagonal slash across it, and on opening Comodo it states at the bottom of its details “The network firewall is not functioning properly!” and in the Summary area displays a system status alert with the same error message, so my question is - How can I be receiving this error message when the network firewall is not even installed ???

Incidentally, when running diagnostics I receive a message saying “The diagnostics utility did not find any problems with your installation” although I am sure there are no problems with any of the portions of Comodo that ARE actually installed!

Thanks in advance for any help or info :smiley:

As yet no reply… Does this mean this is a version of the issue here: which appears to be getting no answers or fixes either ???