Comodo Firewall vs sdclt.exe

I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 64-bit and noticed that afterward things were not exactly as I wanted them. This may have been an issue before the upgrade but I noticed that CIS (cmdagent.exe) was keeping my processor up at 20% usage (i7 4770K) at idle. I only noticed as I could hear a little more fan noise than usual. I did a little digging with procmon and found that CIS was constantly hitting a file named sdclt.exe. I looked this process up and found that it is some Vista Backup Tool.

Being the adventurous sort, I decided to stop sdlclt.exe from even loading by renaming it and its companion (safe mode). Since then My machine idles at 1-2% CPU, is as quiet as a church mouse and CIS is behaving just as I expect.

Any ideas of what Comodo’s problem is with this file?

Hmm, I noticed that after updating to Windows 8.1, the process sdclt.exe would continuously open and close but I don’t know why so I blocked it, however after a clean re-install of Windows 8 and then updating to Windows 8.1 immediately and then installing CIS I noticed that this didn’t happen anymore.

Not saying that’s the issue you had or anything like that, just saying that sdclt.exe seems to have been causing issues for both of us. 88)

Monolith. You are saying sdclt.exe is Vista back up tool. Is that what the the properties of the executable tells? Did you upgrade from Vista to Windows 8/8.1? Do the D+ logs give us a clue as to how CIS was hitting sdclt.exe?