Comodo Firewall vs Router firewall?

I have installed CIS latest version without antivirus and avira free 9 personal edition, also i have D-Link router with hardware firewall.
My problem: when i use internet aplications (firefox) over wifi router, then my comodo network defense activity is 0 inbound and 0 outbound conections, but internet work.
Question: do i need to use comodo firewall or i should it uninstall? Becouse i see only HIPS (Defense+) activity and use stealth mode.

My OS is MS Windows Vista HP SP1 32 bit x86 English

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You will need to reinstall CIS to get your display working properly.

i will wait comodo new version and will be reason to reinstall this cis, thank you for advise. :slight_smile:

Try running the Diagnostics wizard under Miscellaneous. Does that help?

diagnostics wizard say that all running normal. My opinion is that comodo or router create my pc as host system.

Today i tested Comodo Internet Security in
Stealth test TCP NULL showed not-stealthed therefore i think that it is because i haven’t work network defense and…
i want to find problem and use Comodo Internet Security Diagnostic Tool and it find some problems, therefore i want to solve problem with it but it said that it cann’t and give me report… - free file sharing and storage

i don’t understand my problem
maybe i shuld reinstall comodo but soon will be new version of Comodo…

I would suggest using both (firewall/router and CIS). I have the same setup, as do many others I would guess. When using PCFlank or any other online testing site, it will be scanning your firewall/routers IP address, not your PC (check your firewall/router settings).


PCFlank is probing your router. If you want to put CIS to the test you need to set your router to have your computer in DMZ (Demilitarized Zone); or as it is sometimes called Exposed Host.