Comodo Firewall vs. NOD32


Hi everybody!

Problem occured with my NOD32 after installing Comodo Firewall.Simply NOD32 doesn’t start at system startup and I can’t make it work automaticaly (needs to be started manually each time)
Can anyone tell me what’s going on?


It’s me again!

Member Alaertsxan replied me yesterday with following: ‘‘your problem with nod32 and the firewall is that they don’t work together yet’’.

Can anyone please tell me why?? Melih also couldn’t tell much about NOD32-Comodo Firewall Pro compatibility. Any help would be much appreciated.


I’ve never heard of any compatibility issues between CFP and NOD… It may be the only AV for which I haven’t heard something. Not sure what would’ve happened. Not being aware of any issues, I’m not sure which way to direct you. I would, however, suggest the following as action to take:

Uninstall NOD.

Uninstall CFP.

Run a registry cleaner, such as ccleaner or regseeker.

Reinstall CFP.

Reinstall NOD.

See if that resolves it.


I’m using CFP and NOD32 and have had no problems.

Is the NOD32 Kernel Service set to Automatic?

You can also open the Run menu and type msconfig to check for any missing entries relating to nod

Thanx people. I’ll try that with uninstall/reinstall of both apps.

Funny,but Kernel service WAS set to automatic and still IS but Control Center doesn’t appears in system tray. Registry value of Kernel Service somehow dissapeared but when I open Windows Task Manager nod32krn.exe is running as always. The only thing (beside reg-value) missing is nod32kui.exe service which is not shown in running processes.

I was wrong. It’s nod32kui.exe that’s the GUI and also decides whether it appears in the system tray icon or not.