Comodo Firewall Vista 64 Install Problem

I have just installed Comodo Firewall ( onto Vista 64 which connects to the internet using a Speedtouch 330 ADSL adaptor via USB. The Comodo Firewall does something with the Speedtouch PPP adaptor (ISDN channel) which means that the network connection is lost and there is no adaptor.

If I uninstall the Comodo Firewall then the network adaptor re-appears.

Any ideas on what the problem could be?

I’ve got the same problem. As soon as i try to install comodo the modem connection is lost or hung. I might try again without defence+, or even reinstall the modem afterwards.

I tried to re-install the ADSL modem after Comodo Firewall was installed, but this had no effect. The ADSL PPP adaptor was still not visible and therefore no internet connection. As soon as I uninstall Comodo then the ADSL PPP adaptor re-appears and everything goes back to normal.