Comodo Firewall very buggy

Just downloaded Comodo Firewall v I was using ZoneAlarm but uTorrent causes ZA to crash. Comodo works fine if I just let it run, but if I try to do anything with the program it crashes. Accessing any of the settings, or attempting to view details of running apps or processes causes the program to crash. There are too many examples of this to give a complete list, so here is an example: Firewall/Define A New Blocked Application/Select then clicking Running Processes or Browse will crash the app.

My system is XP SP3. I also have Symantec Antivirus and Webroot Spy Sweeper running.

Hey Zerosum welcome to the forums!

Can you try the RC of Comodo Internet Security pls. It includes MANY bug fixes in it.

Install the firewall only though. Let us know how it runs.