comodo firewall version 5.9

I’ve had the free firewall 5.9 version with defense+ & sandbox for along time now. I’ve had no problems with it till today. I clicked on a site i go on everyday & it blocked it saying “unsafe website blocked”.Parked Domain: Site may contain excessive advertising including pop-up or pop-under advertising. I have adblock plus on firefox which works great for that purpose. I’ve been going on this site for quite awhile now & want to continue using it. I haven’t changed any firewall settings since i installed it. If anyone knows a way to allow comodo to let me use this site i would appreciate it. THANX for your time/help.

What browser are you using? Did you enable Comodo Secure DNS when you installed CIS?

I use Firefox and yes i did enable comodo dns when i installed it last december. Haven’t had any problems till now. Can’t figure it out. One of the strange things about computers is one day everything works great, the next day it doesn’t. Who knows why it let me on this site for awhile now & then out of the blue it won’t.

What is the url of that website? Does changing to other DNS servers make a difference?