comodo firewall version 5.9 DNS server

Unfortunately i had to uninstall comodo firewall after it wouldn’t let me on a couple of sites. I posted another msg about this a few days ago. Sometime down the line i’d like to reinstall it because i like the features & the security it provides. When i installed it last yr., i checked the box to use comodo’s dns servers instead of my isp. After i uninstalled it i thought it would automatically go back to using my isp’s dns servers but it didn’t. I tried the website comodo blocked & it still blocks it even though i’m not using comodo’s firewall. I’m using a dlink network adpapter downstairs hooked to a dlink router to someone i live with’s pc upstairs. I setup the router even though i’m not a techie. It was easy just following the brochure. Will i need to get into the router setup or possibly use my dlink connection wizard/wireless connection mgr. to change it back to using our isp’s dns servers? If so could someone pls. explain how to do so, i would appreciate it. THANX for your time/help anyone. Again nothing against comodo’s firewall, i do plan on reinstalling it in the near future.

Hi jeff109,
Comodo Firewall would automatically change the system only.
Please check here, choose your operating system (Win 7 is the same as Vista) from the left column and in the final step tick Obtain DNS server address automatically.

Please report sites that you believe are safe here.