Comodo Firewall version 4.*

The ‘updater’ informs there is a newer version
I download and click to install
It appears to go well
But…then it ‘backs off’
and tells me it is ending prematurely???
It says no changes have occurred
But…it uninstalled the Comodo ver. 3 I had !!!
Lucky for Windows Restore.

I am wondering what to do? or forget updating/upgrading???


run this uninstaller to clean out the older v3 firewall and reinstall the new version.

Thank you for the response.
I have down loaded the ‘zip’ file you included.
I am afraid though??
I read the replies to your post on the clean up tool and there were a lot of complaints?
Is this file I downloaded an update from the concerns those folks posted?


Not my clean up tool or post, but I have used it on my system with no problems, all it does is remove leftover comodo files and nothing else. You can even check it out if you want by right clicking the batch file and selecting edit and you can see the changes it will make.

??? Hi, I got the update message for Comodo 4 firewall; I have been running version 3.x on Windows 7 64 bit no problem; when trying to install new version I kept getting Comodo Installer error message “Image signature verification failed. Installer will close.” … Downloaded the installer again in case some problem there; still no success.

Thought OK, maybe have to uninstall version 3.x first, which I have done. Still no joy. Then from these forums found and have used the Comodo uninstaller tool. Still no joy with version 4.0.

Have now installed Online Armor beta for 64 bit and is working fine, though I am keen to get back to Comodo firewall as have grown to very much like it.

Is there a fix now or expected soon that should allow me to again install Comodo?

did you download the right installer? Firewall Download | Best Firewall Security software for Windows make sure you grab the 64 bit installer.

Yes I did - ‘cfw_installer_x64.exe’ … twice this morning, and three more times just now, using variously both the current versions of Chrome and Firefox … I’ve also tried the universal installer - ‘cfw_installer.exe’; in ALL instances the same error message again occurs when I try to install; I have a very stable PC and internet connection, and very rarely have problems with corrupted downloads (in fact, I cannot recall the last time that occurred), so am confident in ruling that out as an issue.

[edited] - OK, have sort of resolved the issue by sidestepping it; was able to install latest version of CIS fine, minus the antivirus component (since I’m happy with Avast!).