comodo firewall version VS [Resolved]

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what’s differrent comodo firewall version with ?

I see comodo firewall in “” , the version is

But I see comodo firewall in this web site, the version is

Hi and welcome,

Version is a beta version, that incorporated a feature called ‘ThreatCast’ that helps a user to answer the alerts easier based on how other users have answered. is the current stable release.


Hoping for new CFP 3 release anytime now… :THNK

Thanks Mike6688 for your help.

You’re welcome. As tanaka1 has stated, there should be an update sometime today; however, as with any software release it may be delayed if a problem is found during quality control testing.


I just updated to

Went smooth :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s a good update. Couple of bug fixes. The released version does not have Threatcast, this will be available in a later version.

Details of the update are here: Details


Well that is a lil sad Threatcast is not ready yet… I wait with baited breath!
New update on XP proSP2 smooth as silk!
Keep up the good work! Small footprint…Bulletproof performance!
Have a ■■■■ one me!!

I also wanted to see Threatcast in this new one, but it’s still developing. My bet is the devs are awaiting the new alert redesign from user suggestions.

Anyway, question answered and thread must close.