Comodo Firewall Version BETA Released

As per roadmap, today we are adding BETA setup of Spanish (Spain) and three help files namely Hungarian, Spanish(LA) and Portuguese (Brazilian) for review.
So purpose of this BETA is to get help and Spanish (Spain) version reviewed.

Spanish (Spain)
Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year(Size : 10.3 MB)
Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year(Size : 1.2 MB)

In addition to that our usual English alone setup is also available:
Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year(Size : 9.57 MB)

and here are the help files for review:

Updated Non-English languages BETA Release Roadmap:

12-Dec-06 : Dutch
14-Dec-06 : Swedish
19-Dec-06 : Turkish
26-Dec-06 : Comodo Firewall 2.4 Release with all the 12 languages.

Please uninstall previous 2.4.* BETA version and install afresh to test.


I’m testing the translation and i found some “bugs” like this.
Can i modify tranlation and send it again??
I0m searching different words.

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umm what exactly is being updated and or changed besides just language additions??? i ask because i just downloaded .106 the other day and since im on dialup its not the most fun thing to do downloading an update when you dont know what the update is or if there even is one besides the number change

The help isn’t working at me and got some special character problem, too.

Properies said for screenshot path:


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Im on broadband myself,but still curious as to any other changes there may be?

I hope, that the CPU bug will be fixed soon. I just got another one, before I had time to install 107. I have never had CPU problems before until those betas. :frowning:

What’s the major bugs with the beta?

They have said that it’s mainly changes in language, and if it’s any other changes, they will tell us.

Since there is no german release on the roadmap does that mean that there won’t be any german release at all?

It will be a German version. I don’t know when, but it has been, or is on the way to be translated. Check out the status here:,3239.0.html

You can check out the German translation thread here:,2626.0.html

Hi Tom,

Can you please try to describe us the situation so that we can find a way to reproduce the behavior?

Like running applications + currently browsed web site + browsers + toolbars + installed applications


I have started PC, then I have clicked on a few shortcuts to start aplications like IE (no toolbars or BHO), POP Peeper (email client), Miranda, Azureus. Then I have noticed, that everything is running so slow. I looked at taskmanager and I have found out, that cmdagent.exe is running at 100% CPU. I closed all aplications, but it did not help. So I logged off and logged on and it was working OK. It already happened to me 3 times, allways when I started the PC, so I am just worried, that it will not be fixed. That high CPU usage was permanent, so it was not dropping and raising. I have special settings on my PC (nLite, disabled services and etc), but previous versions worked fine on my PC. As for this beta, I have the same settings as I allways did: logging, ABA and CC disabled as well as the buffer detection.

Hmm, now when I think about it, I already reported a bug to Comodo: when I merged my registry file (72 kB) and the I tried to launch IE, cmdagent crashed. I have this registry file set to merge at startup along with CCleaner to clean up the mess, so maybe this is causing it.

i just downloaded and install.
it seems to be working fine… no excesive cpu use or anything.
apps running ok.
cpf.exe is about 9mb ram and cmdagent about 3mb ram

winue v6 sp2
pM 1.4gh
512 ram (480)

One small oddity. I took a backup of the firewalls registry setting prior to uninstalling a prior version and installing When the PC rebooted, CPF initialized and I turned registry protection off. I then merged the registry settings from the prior version and turned the registry protection back on. All monitoring components reported as being turned “OFF” and I couldn’t turn them on. A reboot fixed the issue however, and is now working beautifully.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It did exactly the same for me… :o

On the version before, I also did set it to allow all, during the reg settings, and it worked fine.

Hi amano,
The translation status shown under:,3239.0.html
mentions that volunteers from different languages were sent translation files. As i mentioned under edited part titled
[EDITED on 7th Nov, 2006], we could receive translation only from 11 languages till that date and therefore we decided to go with them as we had to fix a release date according to translation done till that time.

Now after we release Comodo Firewall on 26th Dec, 2006 we will see when our release plans permit us to go for additional languages then we can re-request volunteers to do this.

We want Comodo Firewall to be translated in as many languages as possible, so German with other languages which will not be part of this forthcoming release will be available in near future.

So anybody who is willing to volunteer can send me PM i will inform whenevevr we decide to support additional languages.


I have a concern regarding CPF and Microsoft Outlook 2003.
After installing and trying out the release, Outlook wouldn’t start properly. It would initiate as normal, but would shut down immediately. Upon re-initiating, opting to run in “safe mode”. Even after shutting down CPF would Outlook work properly. Reinstalling CPF didn’t solve this either. Only uninstalling in “Safe Mode” worked (!?!).
I’m not sure what is causing this, but I am sure that all the Outlook processes are on my allow list. Could 3rd party add-ins be doing this? My company has installed an add-in to synchronize the Outlook Calendar with the Callcenter management to inform the receptionists about your whereabouts during office hours. Most likely it’s not the case, but you never know about these add-ins these days. With all the 3rd party applications being forced upon your laptop by “wannabe” sysadmins these days I’m rather amazed my laptop runs at all… (makes me wanna sandbox my company’s entire office framework).

The norwegian translation is nearly done. Just an FYI :slight_smile:


When the version will come out for Latin américa?

I congratulate to all those that collaborated with the translation in each language


We have placed help files in zip format in our today’s BETA release, please try it using following url:,4489.0.html



I am locking this topic and all other earlier beta topics because there is a newer version available, if you are having any issues, I recommend testing out the latest beta version to see if your issue has been resolved.