Comodo firewall v3

Halo I’m new here and I have a question.
I don’t know if it is not the right section here, if not I appologise…

I’m using win xp sp3 and I installed comodo firewall v3 the last version without the
defender, I’m interested about firewall only. I have created several rules for some
applications and theese are running very good, I can create for separated programs diverse
rules which is a step further in this version. The application is required less resources
than other firewalls and is working ok.
The security level is setted on Custom.

What is my problem: When I restart the computer the firewall starts on “Custom” but is
acting as “block all”. NONE of the created rules working…any application I try to
connect to the internet is BLOCKED by the firewall and any server from my computer which is
accessed from outside is not responding. Of course, the standard windows firewall is
disabled, So comodo blocks all.

My solution is very simple, I choose “Disabled” and launch for example a browser. This
browser connects to the internet because comodo is disabled and imediately I switch back to
“Custom”. From this momment all rulles created before ARE WORKING PERFECTLY. Looks like the
firewall needs a little impulse to start…
Untill now your comodo product is the best I’ve tested BUT this annoing issue make me to
look for some other firewall if the problem will not be solved.
If you have any solution I will wait for your reply.

Thanks in advance!


Hello Sigma,

When creating the rules are you logged in as an Admin?

To sigma_sigma,

Until we know what rules you created and how comodo is handling them, its hard to explain this anomaly.

But my first guess is that its in the rules you created. Comodo normally does an excellent job of creating its own rules
and self configuring to your computer, but I do know comodo rules are order sensitive and the rules logic is not always easy to follow.

So if your post the rules set you created, maybe some people expert on that subject could explain why this is happening and how to modify the rules you created to give you better results.