comodo firewall v3 - visual c++ runtime error on install

CFP v3 had been working well - thanks to excellent comodo people.
win xp sp2 / avast / firefox / thunderbird - all kept up to date.

After working well for some time got error message on file submissions to comodo “visual c++ runtime library, runtime error” related to unexpected attempt to shutdown.

Tried uninstall / reinstall of CFP v3, but got “already installed” error message, however resolved this using the CFP file registry cleaner routine posted in v3 section of forum.

Install now fails with “visual c++ runtime library, runtime error message”

I updated runtime library as outlined in CFP v2 part of forum, but this didn’t resolve the problem.

Have tried removing avast and safe-mode install but still no success.

Would dearly love to get CFP v3 running again as prior to this issue was very pleased with performance.

Regret have no report files that I can find to attach.