Comodo Firewall v3 Impressions

Downloaded Comodo Firewall Pro a few months back. Install was easy, and use was even easier. Tossed the paid version of Zone Alarm in the recyle bin, deleted and never looked back. Thank You for the great protection my PC now has (B)

Thanks for your feedback skywarrior74.
We really appreciate it…



Your new version is nothing short of Amazing!!! You and your staff are to be congratulated on a outstanding job well done. Actually amazing is not the work but brilliant is more suited for what your company has accomplished I have been in the computer field now for over 20 years I work with computers for a living, I must say your firewall is light years ahead of all the competition!!! A tip of the hat to yhou and your staff…Working with your firewall is like going into a Candy Shop…where do you start first.:slight_smile: :BNC .

This is just about the best security software that there is
I had not realised exactly how effective it is.
There are a few applications on my computer that are now surplus.
I would just like to ask"What Price Zone Alarm Now"?
Very well done
Sincerest best wishes.

Thank you Rambo :slight_smile:

We really appreciate the feedback.

yes v3 is pretty much one of, if not, the best security product out there.

thank you


I myself would like to say thank you for developing this product & it is quite an honor to use it. It is now very popular in the philippines, my own country, I personally made a very great post in our local forum for Comodo Firewall Version 3 & highly recommended it!!!.

When the word firewall comes in the philippines, usually only Comodo is mentioned. (B) (S)

Hi Melih:

I just upgraded to CFP v.3.0 and so happy to have your firewall with the latest security features. What puzzles me though is, how could the new version include rootkit , viruses, HIPS, memory injection, keyloggers, identety theft, trojans and other protections and still be light on using little system resources? Even files and registry protection as well, so it is claimed.
Does this also mean that I no longer need other anti-virus agents?


I’ve been using Comodo for quite some time in various forms. I stumbled onto it by accident mostly. You people are definitely insane offering a product of this caliber for free. I am currently trying to get all of you commited as this is not right (Keep up the good work !) however I am now going to bow down and give you three - “I am not worthies”
“I am not worthy”
“I am not worthy”
“I am not worthy”

          Keep up the Great work !!!!!

Thank you TSR :slight_smile:

We really appreciate the feedback…

HOWEVER: V3 is only the beginning … we have now created the “Security Platform” you will continue to receive more amazing features and protection going forward :slight_smile: Just like we said, we will put HIPS cabality and make it bearable (due to HIPS having high noise level) and I believe we delivered it! But again, this is only the start! I do mean it!

thank you


Well, Version 3 seems rather good, a lot easier to use and certainly more understandable.
However, it was a not without problems installing the upgrade! After downloading, installing and doing the requested restart, everything had gone! no version 2 or 3 ! XP firewall had switched on and Comodo had completely abandond ship.
I downloaded again from your site and this time all ok.

I THINK I like the new version. A couple of comments…

  1. It uninstalled the old version on my server and then informed me that it would not install the new version on Windows 2003 server. The old version ran fine on Win 2003. I am not up to trying to learn the built in firewall that comes with Win 2003 and now I am naked on that machine. BAD!!!

  2. NONE of your applications know about each other. For a company trying to do so much, you should at least have Boclean know about the firewall, the firewall know about Boclean etc. I can’t even tell you what a PITA it was telling the new firewall that BOClean was OK 50 bajillion times. Boclean apparently tries to watch all the services active in memory, and the new firewall insisted on asking me if BoClean is an OK application, even though I told it so, over and over. Told it that Boclean was a trusted app, etc etc. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND (get the point?)

I tried telling the firewall that the boclean services and files were OK but that didn’t help at all. I finally figured out to put it into “clean machine” mode but I was battling these popups trying to get anything at all done.

  1. The whole machine locked up on me. When I rebooted it appeared to be in learn mode all over again.

  2. It popped up a couple of times and said something about “did I want to revert to the previous mode”. What the hell is the previous mode and why would I want (or not want) to revert to it? A little explanation of what you are trying to tell me would be nice.

Anyway, I THINK I like it. I assume that the firewall is trying to assimilate what Boclean does. At any rate I uninstalled Boclean (answering 50 bajillion popups telling the firewall that the BoClean uninstaller was OK.

In the end, “ya might warn a guy”. I install and all hell breaks loose and I don’t know enough to put out the fires while I am trying to drain the swamp so to speak. I understand that protecting the machine is big, complex, serious business, and I do appreciate your efforts. Now if you will just give me my Windows 2003 protection back.

And while I am on the subject, what about 64 bit modes? I am trying to install Win 2K3 X64 and assume that X64 ain’t happening any time soon.

I’m not ready to break out the bubbly yet. While the new features are impressive, you are in danger sir, of becoming “bloatware”. I have been using computers since the late 70’s … my first pc was a CPM Osborne. Through the years I have seen great software go bad and turn into useless wrens nests which poop all over your registry. Norton is the prime example. It is so convoluted now that it’s essentially useless. Thank god for registry cleaners.

I guess I’m a “down and dirty” kinda gal. I like stuff to do what it’s suppose to do without the bells and whistles and extras. That’s what made AtGuard so great. Any time I see the word “upgrade” or “new version” I shudder. What this usually means is it’s become more “user firendly” (which means going from Miami to Chicago via Los Angeles) and choices are taken away.

All I can say is that I’m happy I’m in the habit of ghosting my system drive before installing any new software, updates and service packs. To be fair, I’ll give this new version of Comodo one week before I revert to the old.


thanks for taking the time to post this X.
Can you pls tell me what exactly you refer to when you talk about bloatware?
Cos V3 is anything but bloatware with its reduced resource usage and its modular design giving the option to the user for what they want.

I would love to understand what you mean.



To be honest I haven’t had time to read anything on the new version so I don’t really know what’s going on and my first impression may be wrong.

My first reaction was "oh dear, a bell " when I saw the “learning thing” pop up. Second, I have searched and searched for where the list of rules are … I think I found them but the layout looks totally different from the previous version, Oh dear … a Miami to Chicago via Los Angeles thing.

I am not a real techy person … my personal help desk is on vacation so I wasn’t able to discuss this new version with them. I think the main problem with upgrades is that they tend to stray from the straight and narrow, put on make-up, light up a cigarette and try to look, well, Cool! That’s where things start to go bad in my opinion. Kinda like my new computer I just built. I finally had to settle for a case with a window and when I flipped the on switch for the first time, (I had a bucket of water handy in case it caught on fire ;-)) I was dismayed to see all sorts of colored lights inside provided by the MB and cards, lights only there for the Cool factor.

Anyway, let me get back to you in a week … I may feel differently.


the only cool thing about v3 is the power of it. We wish it was cool from GUI point of view also, however we spent our money in building some amazing protection making v3 one antimalware proof product. I think because of the new gui and a lot of new protection features it feels a bit different. Give it some time and play around with it, you won’t regret it!


Like many others I had some difficulty installing v3. When I posted how I got it running it was not received very well. No matter v3 is working beautifully for me. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the thousands of man hours you devoted to developing v3. To x: On my system v3 uses half the resources of v2 and provides at least twice the protection. That’s Anti-bloat. To Melih: Look on the bright side. Forum membership is booming. :■■■■

Thanks :slight_smile:

There are one or two issues cropping up for certain configurations. Our guys are working on it.
What we need is for anyone who has a problem to help us by identifying their systems clearly by which s/w they are running (other security products) etc. and pls be ready to help our dev guys. Everyone is working flat out to make sure all these small issues ironed out asap!


V3 seems very CPU friendly on my end, my pc is on an average of 16 hours a day and the CPU usage of it has barely registered :BNC

Well I woke up to the BSOD this morning … rebooted and started having a cascade failure, one by one things were crashing. I was lucky enough to be able to do screen captures before my graphics program sucided. Comodo was involved in there somehow.

Yesterday I disabled the defender thing because it was driving me nuts every time i did something in my sony vega program. I have not reverted back to an earlier version (snapshot) of my system because I want to know what happened before I do. So can someone translate this for me?



Sorry to hear that X

Can you pls send those .dmp files pls. (u can pm it to me)