Comodo Firewall V3 alpha suggestion: firewall event email notification!

it’s not about a bug so I start the topic here:

I mentioned that many times in previous posts ( many months ago using another account that I deleted). One of the features I liked the most in the firewall I used before Comodo, Sygate (discontinued as you might know), was the email notification ability when the System is under attack (port scan or whatever). I really expected this feature to be implemented in the new 3.0 version. Although I’m quite aware that no promise was made in this direction, I’d like to ask: is it too late to implement it in the alpha? or is just nobody interested?

Hi Gharkh can you clarify this a little more for the unanitiated like myself as i would like to know more about it…



oh that’s not very technical, it just means that whenever your firewall detects something really bad, like a hacker or a bad server trying to gain access to your PC, instead of just getting an alert, you’ll also get a mail sent by the firewall to the address of your choice. So if your PC is on and you’re away, you can get the alert on another computer or even on your cell phone, if it’s set to receive mails.

Hi Gharkh thanks for the reply…so it’s another way of keeping an eye on things an always on alert, so as to be kept in the know all the time…as like many im on broadband and away from the PC often…sounds like a great idea and worthy of a implementation in CFP 3 i would certainly like to be kept informed this way… knowledge is power as the saying goes


I suspect this will be included in the Cental management tool for CFP v3. There is no scheduled release date but per Melih it is in the works. :THNK

This would make CFP a great network managment tool (:LOV)

However there is no indication that this will be in the free tools. I suspect there will be a per machine cost or a site license.

Opus Dei


can I ask where you heard of that “Central Management Tool”? Concerning this feature that I’d like to see implemented in CFP , although I posted about it many times in the past, I never saw anyone from the dev team, nor Melih actually, mention that it could ever come. But yes that would be really nice. Another thing, is something like a commercial premium version of the firewall planned at all? I think I read that somewhere in the past, not sure…may be a post from Melih.

Well Melih did mention about it quite a few times in the forums! Not specifically addressing it! But as always while answering some other question! I think it’s has to be there in the thread “Give all that for FREE!!! What’s the Catch? How does Comodo Make Money?” Not sure though! But one thing he specifically mentioned was that this feature (central management) will be for “business Package” (don’t know what they are gonna call it). So it’s not gonna be free!


Hey Dam,

I think you’ll find it’s going to be free for up to a certain amount of PCs (possibly 5). More than that will require a fee for additional licensing.

The concept for this product came out of users ramblings - another great example of how Comodo really do listen to their users! The topic can be viewed at;msg3526#msg3526

You should be warned it’s long, rambling and changes focus a fair bit throughout, but there’s some great ideas in the mix.

Ewen :slight_smile:

thanks for these infos Dam and Ewen


I “think” I read Melih mentioning a “Comodo Control Center”.
But whatever, I like the basic idea. (:KWL)