Comodo Firewall v3 allways forget firefox.exe


well i have a problem with my webbrowser “Firefox.exe”. I put all Files from “C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox” into “My Own Safe Files”, I put “Firefox.exe” as “Trusted Application” into “Computer Security Policy”. I defined “C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe” in “Network Security Policy” as Webbrowser. (C:\Programme means localized to Germany! English WinXP will show C:\Program Files!!!).

Everything worked fine for nearly seven days till today. Everytime i started Firefox.exe first of all Defense+ comes up also i defined Firefox.exe before (show above). Then the Firewall comes up, asks me whether to allow access to the Internet or not. For Both it doesn’t matter how often i hit allow and remember, Firefox will start up, but no access to the Internet. In the Firewall Network rules it is set as “C:\Progra~1\Mozill~1.…” Well in the “Network Security Policy” I can define the path correctly like “C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe” but it doesn’t matter. Same Game again.

So what happend ? Does anybody know such a problem?


Unfortunately I know such problem. It has a connection with firefox recognized with the 8.3 naming format (PROGRA~1 , MOZILL~1 etc) I don’t know the reason though. I have reported it several times but no one confirmed my theory from the dev team so far. Thank god I dont have such problems. But it do exist! Another computer in my house produces exactly the same symptoms and not just with firefox.
wierd. I hope they will fix it in the patch next week.


well i found the solution for the 8.3 Problem. It happend only, when i add Files to the “My Own Safe Files”. When i remove all the Files, i don’t have such problems. But like i wrote in the cmdagent 100% thread, i cannot use PowerArchiver than!

Hopefully this will help the Dev team to reproduce the Problem.


same here cause its annoying among other things

My Firefox was working fine then, out of the blue, CFP started ignoring its rules and creating a new rule for every “Treat program as… Browser” that I clicked. Problem was solved by deleting all rules for Firefox, rebooting and then starting FF and carefully accepting the first Defense+ query and then choosing “Treat program as… Browser” the first time that popped up. BTW, the update of FF did not cause the problems - it happened later.

You are right man! Now, even my 2.4 firewall doesn’t remembers ANYTHING! I think about to do system restore…
What are you thinking?

Here is a quote from the developer Egemen.


It seems like this is related to a bug in 8.3 file name format. We have fixed the issue. We will issue an upate(hopefully this week) which will fix many bugs inckuding this one.



Thanks Jasper.
I found that already somewhere and I was glad to see it. Till it is not fixed I am afraid to install cfp on my friends and family members’ PC. Im looking forward to this update.

i have the same problem, it occured only since the latest firefox update. i end up with multiple identical entries in the network security policy list. please release the fix quickly. i am browsing with flock in the meantime but it’s really annoying.

Firefox is not really a problem in my case, but strangely enough the firewall cannot get used to BOC425 and always asks me to allow internet access. Product from the same firm!

Same 8.3 file name format issue with BOClean as with firefox in some cases. They told it will be fixed in the upcoming update. I had to uninstall BOClean this bug was really annoying. Thank god I don’t have problems with firefox.

I see what you mean, Blas. BOC drives me mad at the moment, especially whith Defense+ enabled. Roll on the update, or should I look for another firewall? This one appears to be suffering from Alzheimer.

After functioning normally for about two weeks, the v3 firewall now suddenly keeps demanding permission for Firefox. It is driving me mad. All websites time out. Work is suddenly impossible. Back to ZoneAlarm.

Same problem here. I seem to have got round it by making Mozilla a trusted software vendor, then all the warnings, alerts etc. went away. Submitting the firefox.exe file to Comodo indicates it’s not a recognised file any longer which may be the root cause of the problem?

or maybe the 8.3 file name format issue.
But I have good news guys it is sorted out. I tested the beta ( and this kind of not remembering things bug is fixed. An update should come out shortly. Keep it up.

Let’s hope that it has been fixed, but seeing is believing. My .268 worked perfectly well for two weeks and then the trouble started overnight. I shall give this .273 version a few weeks. If it still gets a clean bill of health in mid-January, I’ll be willing to try again.

I hope they also fixed the PCFlank leaktest problem mentioned by Needlejockey while they were at it?