Comodo Firewall v3.5 slow to respond using shortcut icon

If I use the shortcut icon on the desktop to bring up Comodo Firewall it takes approximately 1 1/2 minutes for it to load each and every time that I start the program, but if I right click on the icon in the Task Bar (lower right hand corner) to open, takes about 1-2 seconds to start. Anyone else having this minor problem? Any ideas?

What OS are you on? When on Vista. Are you limited user or admin?

XP Pro, using Admin.

One more thing I forgot to mention, when I do use the shortcut icon on the desktop and after Comodo Firewall finally starts, even using the program is very sluggish. Clicking on the Firewall setting or Defense+ setting to check something out it’s very slow. However, when using the icon in the Task Bar everything comes up very fast 1-2 seconds at the most. This is just a minor problem and I can just use the icon in the Task Bar if need be.

Are you using any type of program that changes Windows GUI like Windows Blinds?

No, I only use the GUI that comes with the XP Pro operating system and let each program I use install a shortcut icon on the desktop. Also I tired starting Comodo Firewall by using Start>All Programs>Comodo>Comodo Internet Security and again it’s very slow in coming up and slow in using. This isn’t really that big of a deal , I’ll just use the Task Bar icon the few times I need to check settings in the Firewall.

What happens when you disable D+? Go to D+ → Advanced → Defense + settings → disable D+ and reboot. Does the same thing happen?

I was checking out the Offical ESET Support Forum - Wilders Security Forum and saw a LOT of people are still having a problem when using v3.0 with CPU usage being very high in some cases. When I disabled NOD32 (v3.0.669.0) and clicked on the Comodo Firewall shortcut icon on the desktop it starts up in 1-2 seconds! Have tried this several times and it has started in 1-2 seconds. So, this is a NOD32 v3.0 problem and NOT Comodo. There are too many different things to check out and try to go into here, but if anyone would like to see what other’s have discovered, go to Wilders Security Forum and for v3.0 check out “100% CPU Usage”. It’s 15 pages long. Clicking on Task Manager while Comodo Firewall was trying to start it showed 80 to 99% usage for ekrn.exe which is a ESET AV file and seems to be a problem for a lot of people. The same thing happened while trying to start AutoCad. Takes even longer to startup, but very quick after disabling NOD32. Thanks for your time and input on this matter.

Congrats on the findings…(:nrd)